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Sell DMS Interior & Service

DMS Design was incorporated in 2001 provides professional interior design. The company was established with the intention of bringing high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial marketplaces.

The principal nature of business carried out by DMS Design are consulting, designing, servicing, supplying and installing for commercial and residential.

DMS Design is a unique yet ethical shop which has its sole conceptual perception in the world of contemporary design, established under the careful eye of DESMOND CHIA.

DESMOND CHIA is the founder and principle of DMS Design. He is the chief interior designer and creative inspiration behind this well established Interior Design Company. Being a person of interest in traveling, photograph shooting and collecting artistic items particularly from regions like Mongol, Tibet, China, India, Bali, Bangkok, etc. has given him much inspiration through exposure of overseas art décor. His interest in artistic entity and cultural subject matter has craft him his unique sense of style personality.

Large or small projects are treated with the same integrity and dedication leading to high quality results that consistently nail the brief. His designs have been featured in design magazines and books such as Living Taste, Creative Home, etc.

As a result, he observes the old and conceptualized it before implementing the mix culture into the livings of Malaysian. That is, when he merge the modern design elements with a touch of cultural preservation hence concerning of not letting it off handed.

Our office is located at Lot 3-46, 3rd Floor, Ikon Connaught, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For enquiries, please call :
Design Director/Designer of the Year 2010, Mr. Desmond Chia : 012-2179978.

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DMS Interior & Service
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