Sell Professional Video Editing Service



Sell Professional Video Editing Service

Providing professional, fast and efficient video editing service ata very affordable rate. All types of occasion videos; weddings, birthdays,
annual dinners, graduations, presentation, sports, personal and others.

Send us the video(s) to be edited in MOV, AVI or MP4 and we will send you
back the finishing product in HD 29.97 fps (16:9) by MOV or MP4 format.

Special Rates -

Basic editing using existing sound (2 days delivery)
1st - 30 secs block @ MYR 75.00
Each 30 secs block thereafter @ MYR 40.00

Editing with own music / sound / voice over audio (3 days delivery)
1st - 30 secs block @ MYR 130.00
Each 30 secs blocks thereafter @ MYR 70.00

Editing with effects (green screen), title effects and music (5 days delivery)
1st - 30 secs block @ MYR 170.00
Each 30 secs block therafter @ MYR 100.00

How do we work?

Step 1: Send us the materials you need to be edited by email. Attach the materials or forward a link from WETRANSFER or Google Drive or any cloud storage.
Step 2: In the email explain what you want to be done in details. (EN/BM) Let us know if it is URGENT.
Step 3: We will reply your email ASAP with details of the production work order and the rates.
Step 4: Once you agreed with the rates and production work order, we will start the editing.
Step 5: Once editing is done, we will forward you the edited video on low resolution and watermark for your viewing.
Step 6: If you are satisfied with the editing, you will need to transfer the agreed payment into our bank within 24 hours.
Step 7: Once we have recieved proof of payment, the HD quality of the editing video will be emailed to you.

We also accept urgent editing at an additional rate of MYR 150.00 for within 12 to 24 hours delivery!

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