Sell Business opportunity for those who are serious to venture into business



Sell Business opportunity for those who are serious to venture into business

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Trigona X Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputra company that does business in Kelulut Bee Breeding and selling of products from Malaysia's natural bees or "the kelulut bee". We are assisted by MARDI in terms of consultation and technological collaboration. Kelulut bee breeding is often cited as Meliponiculture .

Kelulut bees can be bred from wild colonies like honeybees. Kelulut bees or kelulut only (also called meliponini) are stingless bees that produce honey just like honey bees. It is estimated that there are nearly 500 species of kelulut found throughout the world. Kelulut can be found in most of the tropical areas of the world such as Australia, Africa, Southeast Asia, and tropical America .

Kelulut Honey is said to have a wide variety of nutrients and is higher in nutritional value compared to that of honey bees. Kelulut store honey in small jars covered with Propolis. Kelulut honey is not white as claimed and tastes slightly sour. Kelulut are important as agents of pollination in the forests and for many species of fruits, flowers, vegetables and other crops.

We offer the sale of 5 colonies or hives (1 lot) and our services of housing, maintaining, guarding and harvesting your hives for you for a period of 2 years.

Price is RM3,000.00/lot (5 colonies). We also charge RM500.00 for 2 years space rental at our farm in Terachi, N. Sembilan where your 5 colonies of kelulut bees will be located.

However, as a promotional offer we are willing to waive the rental for the first 2 years. This promotion is valid only until June , 2014.

This business is profitable because ;

1 . Kelulut breeding is not a high risk venture like raising chickens, goats or cattle which are susceptible to various diseases.
2 . The food of the kelulut bees are the flowers that produce nectar and honey known as thousand flower honey concentrate.
3 . Kelulut bee life expectancy is longer than the honey bee.
4 . Farmers will be profitable with high probability of business continuity as each box of kelulut bee colony, if the eggs have matured more than a year will produce two ( 2 ) tower of eggs that can be broken down and separated into a new colony box . The farmers will double the number of their bee colonies when this occurs .
5 . Honey produced by breeder colonies will be purchased by us at the prices contained in the agreement . Farmers do not need to think about marketing their honey.
6 . Our farm is located on an 2.2 acre Terachi , Negeri Sembilan in a carefully selected area well suited for the health and honey production of the kelulut colonies.

Do not miss this chance to have your own little bee farm and generate continuous extra income income.

You buy it, we will breed it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or Sam @ 019-2924274. What's a RM1.00 phone call now when it can net you thousands of ringgit in the long run?

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16 January 2014.

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