Do I have to register to use Syoknya?
    Only for posting advertisement, you need to register. Member registration at Syoknya is FREE with complimentary credits.

    Steps: Click on "Login" link on top right of the Syoknya.my web site and you will be requested to provide your basic profile information. You will receive an account activation email, click on the account activation link provided and you are a registered Syoknya member now!

  • Can I reset my account forgotten password?
    Yes. Click on "Login" link on top right of the Syoknya.my web site. Then click on the "Forgot Password?" link, this will pop up a window where you can fill in your registered email address. Click "Submit" and you will receive an email with system generated password. Remember to change your password after login.
  • Can I change my email address?
    No, you can't change your email address because email address is your login ID. Please use a active & valid email address for your member registration. If the email address is not valid anymore due certain reason, kindly email to our customer care professionals via email at customerservice@syoknya.my for email address update.
  • Do not receive the account activation or forgotten password email?
    Do double check in the "Spam" folder in your email mailbox. If still not manage to find it, kindly email to our customer care professionals via email at customerservice@syoknya.my for assistant.
  • What is the different between "Free Credits" and "Subscribe Credits" ?
    "Free Credits" is allocated for FREE upon register as Syoknya member. "Subscribe Credits" is only available when you need it and subscribe. "Subscribe Credits" is never expired. Ad posted using "Free Credits" is never expired with unlimited changes as you like. Ad posted using "Subscribe Credits" is validity for 30 days or more (**require more credits) with unlimited changes as well.
  • What is "Private Ad" and "Business Ad"?
    Private Ad: Private classified advertisements on Syoknya are meant for non-commercial individuals who are required to enter a legal contract. Business Ad: Business classified advertisements on Syoknya are meant for companies. The right to determine whether an ad looks like a company ad is reserved by Syoknya.
  • Why has my ad not been published yet?
    The common reasons are either your ad is yet to be reviewed or it has broken the "Post Ad Rules" set by Syoknya.my; hence, has not been approved. Under such circumstances, an email is usually sent to the email ID you had submitted while entering the advertisement. We will publish it only after you have changed your ad and our reviewers approved it. In case you still have queries, kindly email to our customer care professionals via email at customerservice@syoknya.my for assistant.
  • Why is the image given by me missing in my ad?
    You may need to login into registered member account and edit your ad to upload image again. If the image fail to upload again, kindly send the image to our customer care professionals via email at customerservice@syoknya.my, who will help you in adding the image.
  • How can I delete an ad?
    You may need to login into registered member account and click on "Remove" for removing an advertisement.
  • Am I permitted to use HTML code in my ad?
    No, you are not.
  • Do I need to provide my phone number or email address in my ad?
    We recommended to have a least one contact point for your ad so that buyers can get in touch with you for any question regarding your ad.
  • Why is my email address not showing in my ad?
    We keep it hidden so that spammers do not get your email address. The "Contact Advertiser" form in your ad may reach your email.
  • Can I make changes to my ad?
    Yes, it's unlimited changes allowed, you may need to login into registered member account to edit your ad.
  • Need help to get the exact map coordinates for my ad?
    Use Google Maps, search for the location you want to share. Once you are on the exact position, with your mouse right click the map, and the following submenu will appear.

    Select "Whats here?", just after you've done that, the Google Maps Search Bar will add the Latitude and Longitude of that specific point, like this:



  • Find even more with OR
    Write HONDA OR TOYOTA to display all the ads from the two makers.
  • Ignore unnecessary listings with NOT
    Write HONDA NOT CITY to display all the HONDA ads except for CITY.
  • Find exact with "
    Write "HONDA ACCORD" to displays only HONDA ACCORD ads and not the ads containing HONDA and ACCORD separately.
  • Combine search
    Write "HONDA ACCORD" 2.0CC OR 2.4CC NOT 3.5CC to display all ads for HONDA ACCORD 2.0 but not ads for HONDA ACCORD 3.5CC.
  • Others
    • You can type in lower case as well as upper case letters. It hardly matters.
    • Your search string can be any number of characters.
    • Your search string can contain any of the English alphabets and between the numbers 0 to 9, & (and-sign) and / (divide).



  • Take extra caution:
    • You must never make any advance payment to a seller whom you do not know in person.
    • You are not protected even if the seller provides you with his or her identity proof like passport, bank account number etc.
    • If possible, always ask for a written and an original receipt when purchasing.
    • Goods must never be sent before the payment arrangements are finalized.
    • You pay huge sums to people you do not really know. It is better to meet the individual in person before you make the transaction.
    • You buy branded items. It is better to meet up with the other party at a shop to verify the authenticity of the product you are purchasing.
  • Potentially fraudulent sellers do?
    • The offer appears too good to be true.
    • Sell an expensive popular item at a suspiciously low price.
    • The party you are dealing with makes haste about closing the deal.
    • The other party asks for your credit card or bank account details.
    • Tell you to transfer money but they're not willing to allow you see the product
    • Not being up front about the authenticity of items for sale.
    • Repeatedly fail to answer phone calls and email.
    • Continuously provide excuses about why you haven't received an item.
  • Suspect a fraud seller or buyer?
    Feel free to contact our customer care professionals via email at customerservice@syoknya.my, and we will confirm the authenticity of the product or service and the seller or buyer.
  • Make Payment and Goods Delivery
    • Generally, it is seen that on occasions where buyers and sellers do not meet, majority of fraud cases happen.
    • Special warning on overseas payments: Very few international payment systems involve built-in security features and PayPal is among them, making it a secure way of money transfer. You are not supposed to use other payment systems like Western Union, BidPay, MoneyGram etc. as controlling payments with these systems is not easy, making them the favorites of fraudsters.

    • No matter how reliable and trustworthy your seller seems to be, you are advised not to make any advance payments.
    • You are not supposed to believe any identity proof like driving license, passport, IC etc. presented before you by the seller as it does not safeguard you against fraud.
    • You are not supposed to trust registered mails and postages provided by the sellers. There is no way in which you can verify the package's contents before paying for it.

    • Cash on delivery or COD is always the best bet.
    • Do not send any goods before the finalization of payment arrangements.
    • Try to avoid cheque payments as there is no certainty that a cheque can be encashed.

    • No advance payment.
    • Goods sent via mail are not to be trusted.
    • Paying money to people in a foreign land is not prudent.
    • Avoid using international payment services that do not involve in-built security features.

  • Transferring Money Online
    Beware of 'phishing' when transferring money or making payments online. What is phishing? It is a term used to describe an act under which someone tries to obtain your personal information like credit card and bank account numbers, passwords etc. by trick. These tricks are often played by sending you fake emails from websites you are aware of and trust, requesting you to click on a link and fill in personal information. The ones that send these links may pose to be a bank lead but, in reality, are controlled by somebody else. The chief purpose of these sites is to cheat common people and obtain their personal data.
  • Protect Yourself
    First and foremost, do not get tempted to click the links in emails that claim to have been sent by banks or other financial institutions. It is always safer to access the site of your bank directly rather than through some other site. Avoid emails or the links in it asking you to share your personal data like the number of your bank account or your password etc. Such pages or links may consist of dangerous viruses that are capable of intercepting and collecting crucial personal information. To make sure this does not happen, your computer must be updated with efficient anti-virus software. Your internet browser and operating system should also be updated with the latest security system.
  • Phishing
    Phone calls and emails
    An act of calling a person or sending him or her an email or posing as a legitimate organization with the purpose of scamming the person into disclosing his or her personal data, which can later be used for identity theft, is called Phishing. In case of emails, the user is usually directed to visit a certain site where they are requested to update their personal information like bank account or credit card details, passwords etc. that the organization already possesses. Such sites are obviously imposters who only aim at stealing the personal data of users.

    • You should never respond to emails or phone calls that ask to share your account password and username details.
    • You should never get involved in a transaction under the instruction of an unknown party.
    • You should never get lured by schemes that appear too good to be true.
    • You should never share your account information with individuals not related to you in any way.

    Get in touch with us at customerservice@syoknya.my in case you come across any issue regarding your member account.



  • Post Ad Rules

    Only Marketing
    You are only permitted to advertise vehicles or properties or services or items or jobs, sales and events. Using the ad for pure promotional purposes, without offering any concrete services, goods, jobs, promotions or events is not permitted.

    Only Malaysia Ads Allowed
    You are only permitted to advertise vehicles or properties or services or items or jobs, sales and events in Malaysia.

    The service or item advertised has to be properly described by the ad heading and description. You are not allowed to use any unnecessary character in the heading. The ad text should describe the service or item properly, without merely linking to another page. Only ads in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese are allowed.

    You should place the ad in the category that best describes the service or item. Otherwise, the ad will be shifted to the relevant category whenever possible. You should place wanted-ads under the category "Wanted to buy" and sale-ads under "For sale". "Wanted to rent" and "To let" are available under specific categories. For other categories, you should place "Wanted to rent" ads under the category "Wanted" and "To let" ads under "For sale".

    Advertiser Contact
    You must include at least one advertiser contact either fixed line number, mobile number or email address in the ad.

    No Multiple Items in a Single Ad
    Only one vehicle or property or service or item or job or sale or event should be placed in a single ad. You are advised to divide your vehicle or property or service or item or job or sale or event and put them in individual ads.

    No Duplicates
    You are not permitted to place ads with the same vehicle or property or service or item or job more than once. The old ad should be deleted before placing the new one. It is also not permissible to place advertisements with the same vehicles or properties or services or items or jobs in different regions or categories.

    Links given in the advertisement must be relevant to the service or item advertised. The same rules which apply for the advertisement are also applicable for the link. You are not permitted to link to another classified site.

    Images used in the advertisement should be relevant to the service or item advertised. You are prohibited from using company logo as images unless they are for categories like "Services", "Businesses for Sale" and "Jobs". Images cannot be used from other advertisers without their consent as these are guarded under copyright laws. You are not allowed to use images that show models displaying bathing wear or underwear.

    Images that are unsuitable for use include:
    • Too small image
    • Image containing Watermark (with company name, username, telephone number, email address, link of logo)
    • Unclear pictures
    • Unsuitable image
    • Image not in JPEG or PNG format

    Forgeries and pirated goods
    You are not permitted to advertise pirated items and forgeries of game-console/computer software, CD/DVD/VCD, branded products etc. The advertiser must certify all applicable products as being original.

    Rules for animals and pets
    Animals traded on Syoknya.my have to adhere to the Fisheries Act 1985, Wildlife Protection Act of Malaysia 1972 and CITES.

    Illegal goods
    Ads which feature goods that are not allowed to be sold as per Malaysian law are not permitted on our site. Some common examples of illegal products include:
    • Drugs
    • Prescription medication
    • Weapons
    • Human parts
    • Controlled chemical substances such as mercury
    • Explosives and fireworks
    • Pornography

    Offensive content
    Images or ads that can be viewed as offensive to public figures, individuals or ethnic groups are not permitted.

    Prohibited services and goods
    There are restrictions against advertising of certain services and goods. These include:

    • Used Undergarments
    • Contact Lenses (private)
    • Vehicle Registration Documents and Numbers
    • E-mail Addresses
    • Offensive Propaganda
    • Radio, Internet and TV Recordings
    • Alcohol, Tobacco, Liquor
    • Sim Cards and Mobile Phone Numbers
    • Reunion Events
    • Personal Messages/Announcements/Greetings
    • Multi and Single Level Marketing (SLM, MLM, direct sales)
    • E-book
    • Satellite Dish
    • Homeopathy and Ayurvedic
    • Vehicles associated with 'continue loan', 'continue payment' or 'sambung bayar'
    • Adult Sex Toys
    • Speed Trap Devices
    • Hacking Software and Devices
    • Spy Gadgets
    • Pirated Software
    • Guns/Paintball Markers
    • Foreign Registered Vehicles
    • Error of Money/Currency Notes
    • Goods/Products related to politics
    • E-Cigarette
    • Gold Bar
    • Human Body Parts and Blood
    • Obscene Material, Prostitution and Pornography
    • Pirated Materials or Goods (including wallets, bags, DVDs, VCDs, CDs etc.)
    • Burglary Tools

    • Modeling
    • Domestic Help
    • Car Pool Services
    • Easy Get-Rich Schemes
    • Therapies
    • Tattoo Services
    • Dating and Matchmaking Service
    • Jailbreak and Unlock Services for Gadgets
    • Medical and Insurance Plans
    • Refinancing and Loan
    • Black Magic Services
    • Counseling Services
    • Overseas Jobs
    • Bank Loans

    And other goods/services indicated from time to time.

    Unrealistic offers
    The right to decide what is unrealistic is reserved by Syoknya.my

    Services wanted or offered must adhere to Malaysia's prevailing law and regulations for every given profession. You should always place services in the services category.

    Auction and bidding
    Ads related to bidding or auction, are not accepted by us. Only ads with negotiable terms and fixed pricing are accepted by us.

    Job ads
    A good job ad must be inclusive of the following:
    • Company name
    • Fixed line number (can hide it in contact details)
    • Background information on the company and proper details about the position offered, such as the exact requirement and qualification.

    If there is vacancy for more than one position, separate ads should be placed for each position.

    Businesses for Sale
    This category is meant for business owners interested in selling off their existing businesses. Ads related to partnerships, joint-venture and searching for business funds are not accepted by us.

    Things that should not be put in ad heading
    • Prices
    • No Company Name of the Advertiser
    • Downpayment/Muka
    • Salary Amount
    • Contact Number

    If an ad is rejected owing to breakage of rules, an opportunity will be given to the advertiser to change it. The right to determine whether the Syoknya rules and spirit are broken by an ad is reserved by Syoknya. We constantly update the rules, so they are subject to change with time.